Parking shake-up planned for Banks Road

Busy Banks Road.
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Plans have been unveiled for a radical shake-up of parking on Banks Road, West Kirby, aimed at giving a boost to local businesses.

Motorists will be restricted to a maximum of two hours parking in the new short stay bays, with a one hour gap before they can park again.

Double yellow lines will be removed from some side streets, and existing bus stop “cages” will be moved and shortened to make extra room for cars to park.

It is also proposed to strictly manage parking on various junctions to improve sight lines and prevent cars and vans from causing an obstruction.

Parking on busy Banks Road can be a nightmare, putting off potential customers from visiting the local shops and cafes. Drivers lucky enough to find a spot can currently park all day along much of the road, severely limiting traffic turnover.

Map showing the Banks Road parking proposals in detail
Map showing the Banks Road proposals in detail

The parking problems were identified as a key issue for the area in the West Kirby retail centre action plan drawn up by Wirral council in 2014/15.

Now the council has launched a three week consultation programme with local businesses and residents, seeking their views on the proposed changes.

A letter was sent out on Friday, and people have until Friday February 5 to give their views. Comments can be posted on the council’s website or you can email

Banks Road: new parking regulations proposed
Banks Road: new parking regulations proposed

If the proposals get the thumbs up from businesses, the council will begin the legal process of issuing a Traffic Regulation Order to implement the changes by placing an advert in local media publicising the plans.

So will this be a welcome change that will make shopping and dining in West Kirby easier, or one more parking restriction that will put visitors off? We would love to hear what you think about the proposals.

Make Banks Road a one way street? Your views

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