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A puppy has been given a new lease of life after being born without a bottom.

The cockapoo, named Malla, was taken into the care of staff at Acorn Veterinary Surgery in West Kirby after being diagnosed with atresia ani – a developmental defect meaning she couldn’t poo normally.

Staff at the practice – run by Willows Veterinary Group – wanted to give her a fighting chance by performing life-saving surgery to build her a new bottom.

Now on the road to recovery, the plucky pooch has also found a new home thanks to the kind-hearted efforts of the Acorn team who took it in turns to foster and look after her.

Clinical director/veterinary surgeon Rhiannon Mansell was involved in the 15-week-old puppy’s care.

She said: “We saw her when she came in with her litter for her vaccinations and unfortunately she didn’t have a bottom and had instead been passing waste through a fistula, an abnormal hole.

“The condition is called atresia ani and it’s very rare. It’s not something that we see everyday. She was very bloated and struggling to go to the toilet and was really uncomfortable, but otherwise a really bright and cute little thing.

“We ended up signing her over to the practice and one of our advanced soft tissue surgeons, Nick Wheeldon, had a little look at her.

“We wanted to save her and find her a new home so we basically constructed her a new bottom so that she could pass stool.”

Miraculously, the pup can now poo on her own. She may need another operation when she’s older but for now, staff at Acorn are pleased with her progress and continue to keep an eye on her.

She’s now found a new home, living with the neighbour of a staff member.

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