Make Banks Road a one way street? Your views on parking plans

Banks Road, West Kirby - earmarked for improvements
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A radical idea to convert Banks Road into a one way street was one of your most intriguing responses to our story revealing plans for a parking shake-up for the busy West Kirby shopping street.

Wirral council has launched a three week consultation with businesses and residents around Banks Road about a series of measures to make it easier for motorists to park and use the local shops and eateries.

Most of you were broadly in favour of the plan, although some local residents are concerned that people used to parking all day on Banks Road will resort to using the nearby side streets outside their homes.

But Brendon Kenny caused quite a stir when he made this suggestion:

Brendon Kenny

Brendon Kenny How about making Banks Road one way from the sailing club, have parking herringbone style, this would remove the congestion and have a lot more parking spaces for shoppers – make it as easy to shop in the village as it is to shop in Aldi and Morrisons – buy local it’s better for all of us!!

It got a lot of you thinking, and led to the following exchanges:

Carol Boshell good idea, it would have to go in opposite direction to prom though 🙂

Brendon Kenny
Brendon Kenny Absolutely that’s why it would work!
Joan Wallace

Joan Wallace Good idea to re-think parking in Banks Road. Perhaps they could also look at parking in The Crescent. Parking on the right hand side by anyone must be a no-no.

Tina O'Brien
Tina O’Brien As long as it does not encourage the shoppers to come into the streets off Banks Road, sick of inconsiderate drivers blocking the road.
Derek Collie

Derek Collie Agree with the comments so far- especially about the crescent. The one way of banks road sounds interesting but it really needs a wholesale review of the road system in west kirby. I tried to park on Friday at 9.30 am and ended up going around 4 times before i could find a space- all just for a 5 minute errand!

Dawn Reed

Dawn Reed Yes the crescent should be pedestrianised in my opinion. Works make it more pleasant to shop in. Good idea About one way system though ..

Lynne Gregory
Lynne Gregory Any chance they’ll also do more to stop people parking on the pavement just around the corner on Church Road? It drives me nuts… have even been blocked in my own garden, unable to get pram out our garden gate!
Jane Hitchin

Jane Hitchin We have restricted parking in town. It’s a nightmare for us as residents. We can’t park in our own street. Often have to park 3 streets away and drag shopping back to the house. Have to get up and move the car before the wardens come. The council won’t give any consideration to residents – we have asked for a permit to allow us to park in our own streets but they won’t budge. Beware!

 And there was more in similar vein.  Over on Twitter, the folks at Rubis Coffee Lounge and Bar said:

We are just three days into a three week local consultation period, so no doubt this debate will run and run. We will keep you posted with how things develop.

Parking shake-up planned for Banks Road

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