Major search launched after man reported in difficulty off Caldy coast

helicopter search
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Police and coastguard both launched helicopters to assist the RNLI with a search in Caldy this afternoon.

Crowds, which had gathered at West Kirby Marine Lake to enjoy the sunny weather, watched as the two helicopters carried out a dramatic two hour long search across the Dee Estuary and surrounding areas.

Helicopters searched the estuary
Helicopters searched the estuary

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said the helicopters were launched after reports of a person shouting for help in the vicinity of Caldy Golf Club, at around 1.50pm.

After a lengthy search of the area by both police and coastguard, no one was found and the search teams were stood down just before 4pm.

West Kirby lifeboat "Seahorse" in action
West Kirby lifeboat “Seahorse” which assisted in the search

A spokesman for RNLI West Kirby added: “HMCG was alerted by a person playing golf at Calday Golf Club who reported a person in difficulty attempting to get into a small boat some distance off the beach opposite the Golf Course.

“The West Kirby RNLI volunteers made haste over the beach from West Kirby to Thurstaston and launched the charity’s lifeboat in the last of the ebbing tide near Dee Sailing Club whilst an RNLI lifeboat crew member searched the beach from the waterline towards the shore.

“Once launched the RNLI lifeboat searched the area on the Wirral coast and later towards the Welsh coast and further North as the remains of the tide were ebbing at a fast rate and there was a considerable risk of the person who was reported to be in difficulty being washed out to sea.

“The RNLI volunteers were assisted by HM Coast Guard shore personnel and two helicopters, one from HM Coast Guard at Caernarvon and the local Police helicopter.

“Following a protracted search of the area for over two hours in favourable conditions which helped the rescue personnel all were stood down and the helicopters returned to their respective bases in Wales.”


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