Whitmore & White launch Whitmore Gin

Whitmore Gin
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We actually did it! We made our own gin!

We have recently launched Whitmore & White Whitmore Gin, created by us and distilled right here on the Wirral. This has been six months in the making, so we’re thrilled to have finally launched it!

After arduously trying blend after blend (we know, it’s a hard job, but someone had to do it…) we settled on a combination of vibrant botanicals carefully balanced with the floral elegance of jasmine which we think make for a hugely exciting new gin. We wanted to create a gin which was unique to us, reflecting what we love about gin – and we’re happy to say that we feel we’ve produced something very special!

Whitmore gin
Whitmore Gin

When we embarked on our adventure to craft our own gin, we set out to create a classic spirit with the Whitmore & White twist that we’ve become so well known for. The result is a gin which reflects our love of this eternally fabulous spirit!


We chose to lead with Jasmine, Grapefruit and Cubeb Pepper, all of which burst to life on the senses, accompanied by Juniper and Citrus. On the nose the heady jasmine is balanced with the sharpness of the grapefruit and rounded out by the warm cubeb pepper edge. On the palate the cubeb and grapefruit come to the fore, with the jasmine following for a delicate and elegant floral finish. This is a perfect gin and tonic gin.

Whitmore & White's own gin
Whitmore & White’s own gin

Whitmore Gin is made by award-winning wine and spirit merchants, Whitmore and White which was founded on the Wirral Peninsula, sitting between the River Dee and beautiful North Wales to the west, and the River Mersey with its iconic Liverpool skyline to the east, both of which can be found on our bottle!


We’ve experimented a lot (we had to, obvs) and we think our gin is best served with Fever Tree tonic water. If you want to garnish, our favourites were lemon rind and cubeb peppercorns!

We really to hope you love what we have done. You can only buy Whitmore Gin in all three of our stores – Heswall, West Kirby or Frodsham – or you could buy it online!

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