Meet the youngster from Meols cleaning up our road signs

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A six year old girl from Meols is on a mission to clean up road signs around the area.

Chrisell Kenyon is scrubbing and clearing foliage away from street signs, and reporting those which are broken, missing or vandalised to Wirral Council.

The Kingsmead School pupil was inspired to act after her mum and dad struggled to find their holiday destination due to the poor condition of signs.

She has enlisted their help – as well as that of her four year old brother Frederick – in the initiative, which she has named ‘Brushing Beautiful’.

Chrisell and her dad setting out on another sign cleaning mission

Chrisell has even had special hi-vis jackets made, and is using brushes with extra-long handles to reach signs that are high up.

She told West Kirby Today: “By doing this I am giving something back to my lovely community, show how proud I am to be living on the Wirral and hopefully, be doing my bit to improve road safety in my community.

“So far, the Council has been very supportive, especially when it comes to removing pesky graffiti from street signs!”

Before and after: this sign took over an hour and 12 litres of water in order to make it readable again

Mum Mureda said: “Chrisell is enjoying getting involved with her local community and by cleaning up the signs she is doing her bit to ensure that pedestrians and drivers travel safely.

“Chrisell is hoping that the public will inform her if there are any signs in their area that needs TLC.

“We are so proud of her, when she decides to do something, she puts her everything into it.”

Chrisell and her brother Frederick

Brushing Beautiful has its own Facebook page which enables people to see where she has been working and report signs that need attention. They can also be emailed at

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