Work begins to refurbish promenade railings

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Work is underway to refurbish part of the railings along West Kirby promenade.

The posts, or newels, which are set in original sandstone coping, are being shot-blasted, primed and painted. While that work is taking place, the railings either side of those posts will be removed and replaced with new railing.

A 60-metre stretch of noise reducing fencing will be in place while the work is carried out. It is expected to last for around 5-6 weeks and the promenade will remain open throughout.

The railings which line West Kirby promenade are due to be replaced.
The railings which line West Kirby promenade are due to be replaced.

To avoid damage to the environment, a spokesman for Wirral Council said each post would be fitted with a type of shroud to capture all spent pellets and removed paint.

He added: “This will be removed from site and disposed of appropriately. And all scrap metal (mostly the railings) will be recycled.”

A second phase of refurbishment of the remaining railings will take place when work begins on the new flood alleviation scheme.

This is because many of the railings are currently set in concrete and, as part of the scheme, they will be refurbished with sandstone casings.

A planning application for the new flood wall is due to be submitted shortly.



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