Jail for man who robbed two women in West Kirby

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A man who robbed a mum as she was pushing her young child in a buggy on the Wirral Way in West Kirby has been jailed for five years.

Michael Roberts attacked Kimberley Jurgis in May after she left the town’s library, punching her from behind, causing her to fall to the ground and the buggy to topple over.

The 57 year-old stole the victim’s handbag, including a cash card, and spent money in West Kirby purchasing cigarettes.

Wirral Way sign
One of the robberies took place on the Wirral Way

Roberts – of Borough Road in Seacombe – then travelled to Birkenhead, changed his clothing and continued to use the card.

He then returned to West Kirby the following day, stealing a purse from the handbag of a woman on crutches in the Tap public house and using her card to make purchases locally.

The other victim was targeted in the West Kirby Tap

Welcoming the sentence for robbery, theft and fraud at Liverpool Crown Court, Detective Constable Kevin Thomas from Merseyside Police, said: “The actions of Roberts over those two May days were desperate and despicable. To target a woman out with her young child, and then a second woman on crutches, is beyond belief.

“Thankfully, the victim of the robbery and her child were not seriously hurt, but the emotional impact is harder to measure.

“We will continue do all in our powers to find and put before the courts those who assault, threaten steal from those in our communities.”

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