Restaurants diversify to beat impact of coronavirus

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Restaurants and cafes in West Kirby and Hoylake are now offering takeaway and delivery in an attempt to offset the impact of social distancing measures on their business.

The Government has advised people to avoid large gatherings and crowded places in order to reduce the numbers becoming infected with Covid-19.

There are concerns that the food and drink sector will be badly hit by the measures.

This is a list of businesses offering takeaway and/or delivery:

  • Andres (takeaway and delivery)
  • Artizan (takeaway and delivery)
  • Aubergine (eating in not available –  takeaway service to launch soon)
  • Est (takeaway)
  • Figos (takeaway and delivery)
  • Flavours (takeaway)
  • Forza (takeaway and delivery only – eating in not available)
  • Grand Ave (takeaway)
  • Green Onions (takeaway and delivery)
  • Hannah’s (delivery service starting on Friday)
  • Hector’s
  • Hickory’s (takeaway)
  • Karma Indian Food (takeaway and delivery)
  • Lattetude (takeaway)
  • Marigolds (takeaway and delivery)
  • Quadrant (takeaway and delivery launching Monday 23 March)
  • Pickled Walnut  (takeaway and delivery)
  • Royal Bengal (reopens Thursday including delivery service as well as takeaway)
  • Shuhel Balti (takeaway and delivery)
  • Strawberry Moon Cafe at Church Farm (takeaway and deliveries)
  • Sweet Pea cafe (takeaway)
  • Tanskeys (takeaway)
  • Tapas Kitchen (takeaway service to launch soon)
  • The Artizan (takeaway food and beer)
  • The Nook (takeaway & delivery)
  • The Quadrant (takeaway)
  • West Kirby Tap (takeaway beer)
  • Wild Inn (takeaway cake and coffee)

Many premises have introduced additional hygiene measures, and some have rearranged their interior layout to put more space between the tables.

They are also urging diners to get in touch if they want to cancel a booking, rather than simply not turning up.

If we have missed any off the list, please let us know at and we will add them.  

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