Chasing rainbows: Local families spread some cheer

three little children, two school kids boys and toddler girl having fun with with rainbow picture drawing with colorful chalks on asphalt. Siblings in rubber boots painting on ground playing together.
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Local schoolchildren are posting pictures of rainbows in their windows to spread some joy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Families across West Kirby and Hoylake are creating a rainbow hunt, by putting their homemade rainbows on display.

Brothers Kit, Rex & Ezra creating their rainbow

The idea came from a social media campaign, which is encouraging people across the world to put the pictures in their windows to remind people that after the storm, there will be a rainbow.

Miles with his rainbow

It also helps children, who are in self-isolation, to connect with their friends who they can no longer see.

Miles, aged 6, from West Kirby, said: “I can’t see my friends anymore but I can walk past their house and see their rainbows.”

Maisie with her rainbow

We love this idea and would love to transform West Kirby and Hoylake into a sea of rainbows during these difficult times. So, if you decide to create a rainbow, please send us photos of your efforts and we’ll share as many as we can.





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