West Kirby family take to the streets for a musical tribute to the NHS

The Stephens' family pay a musical tribute to the NHS during coronavirus lockdown
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A talented West Kirby family has taken to the streets to give a musical tribute to the NHS.

During the weekly Clap For Carers, the Stephens’ family have been performing for their neighbours on Darmonds Green, in West Kirby.

The family band is made up of Ian, who plays double bass and is a composer and composition teacher, his wife, Mandy Burvill, a former clarinettist with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and their children Maisie Stephens, 16, who plays violin and Lily Stephens, 14, who plays flugelhorn.

Ian said: “This started on Thursday two weeks ago when we were all outside at 8pm doing the clap for carers, and we said to each other that next week we’d do some music.

“Then we saw something going round social media that people were being asked to play Over The Rainbow, so a week ago we played that, and our neighbours were really nice about it.

“So for this week we asked our neighbours Whatsapp group if anyone had any requests, and one of them was What a Wonderful World. Yesterday I arranged it for our family band and we rehearsed it after dinner, then played it on the road at 8pm, after playing Over The Rainbow.”


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