West Kirby photographer takes ‘doortraits’ to document lockdown life

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One of the unexpected trends of lockdown life has been the emergence of a new style of portrait photography – the doortrait.

Local photographer, Kristy Garland, has embraced the medium and has been documenting lockdown life by taking doorstep portraits of families across West Kirby.

Kristy is not charging for the project but has asked participants to make donations to The Wirral Foodbank.

Kristy Garland Self Portrait
Kristy Garland Self Portrait

Kristy said: “As a photographer, I wanted to document this extraordinary time we’re all living through, and I liked the idea of photographing people framed in their doorways. I was nervous about asking people to pose because I didn’t want to go against the ’stay at home’ message.

“However, I figured that if I used my bicycle and maintained social distancing at all times I could safely take peoples photographs while sticking to the government guidelines. I did a test run on my kids and it came out great, so next port of call was a good friend of mine, before I know it I had a long list of people wanting portraits.

It’s been great for me personally as I’ve had an excuse to get out with my camera and meet people, it helps tremendously to be busy doing something I love in these strange and unsettling times. Looking forward I’m once again to taking bookings for portraits, headshots, TV and Film work. It’s exciting to be making plans and adapting to working safely in the ‘new normal’ way of living.”

If you would like to take part and have a doorstep portrait, Contact kristygarland@gmail.com 

Donations can go directly to the Wirral Food Bank : https://wirral.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-money/


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