West Kirby RNLI rescue stranded walkers from Middle Hilbre

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West Kirby RNLI rescued two people who found themselves cut off by a faster than normal incoming spring tide.

The female walkers were returning on foot to West Kirby Beach on Friday morning, having initially checked the tide timetable

They set out two hours prior to high water from Hilbre Island, rather than the recommended three hours, and soon realised that they would not be able to reach the shore without becoming cut off by the incoming spring tide.

One of the party had sustained an injury to her foot, and was wet, and the other shaken, but did not require any serious medical attention.

Shortly afterwards, the lifeboat relaunched to escort a man off the wall at West Kirby Marine Lake as the fast incoming tide had begun to flood it.

Speaking following the call out, Richard Diamond, West Kirby RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager said: “The female walkers were correct to check the tide timetables and we would recommend that visitors to Hilbre Island set off at least 3 hours before high water.

“They were absolutely right to contact HM Coastguard for advice and for not continuing beyond Middle Hilbre once they realised the speed at which the tide was flooding.

“With higher than normal spring tides forecast this weekend, areas may be cut off faster than normal. Anyone heading to the island must ensure that they check the time table and ensure that they have enough time to return. If you see someone in trouble, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

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