Meet our High Street Heroes

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Some familiar faces are featured in Wirral Council’s new ‘High Street Heroes’ campaign.

The council asked members of the public to nominate independent shops that went above and beyond during the first lockdown.

A spokesman for the campaign said the nominations proved how small businesses are the beating heart of Wirral’s communities, delivering food and essentials to shielding residents while providing a cheerful face during testing times.

Photo: Deana Kay

Colin Lunt Greengrocer, West Kirby

For the first time in over 50 years of serving West Kirby with fresh fruit and veg, the greengrocer was forced to close during lockdown. They quickly set up a home delivery service and even received an order all the way from Australia! Owner Matty Peers: “A customer’s daughter emailed from Australia with an order of groceries for her mum, as they had no-one else to turn to and their mum had not left the house in weeks. She was shocked and emotional when we turned up like Father Christmas with a box of goodies! Often customers were grateful of the friendly face, as they hadn’t seen anyone all week”. The greengrocer, located on Banks Road, also set up a pop-up shop nearby where customers could collect their fruit and vegetables. 

“I was shielding and they delivered all my fresh produce, plus anything else I needed from other shops. The deliveries arrived rain or shine and he always had a big smile and stopped for a chat – priceless! I will be forever grateful for their support”. Hazel

Photo: Deana Kay

Hoylake Pantry: Zero Waste Shopping

The zero waste shop in Hoylake operated as self-service prior to COVID, with customers filling their own containers with cereals, pulses, flour, herbs and spices, as well as cleaning liquids and shampoo. But when restrictions came in and self-service was no longer an option, the sustainable business doubled their workforce, opened an online shop and organised a delivery and pick-up service. Initially deliveries were to local households, but such was the demand they expanded their reach across Wirral. Manager Sharon Hall said: “We are very proud to have been able to keep zero waste shopping available to our regular customers and to new customers too, who have discovered the value of it during these strange times”.

“It’s so nice to have a local shop that has no single-use plastic. I worried they may close during lockdown but they doubled their efforts to feed their customers. I’m so proud to have a business like this in Hoylake”. Pat

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