77 year-old rescued from the water in West Kirby

Seahorse, West Kirby lifeboat
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West Kirby lifeboat has rescued a 77 year-old man who fell off a boat into the sea.

The alarm was raised earlier today after the pensioner ended up in the water for more than 15 minutes, clinging to the vessel’s ladder but unable to pull himself out due to a strong current.

On their Facebook page, West Kirby Lifeboat said: “Crew were paged and launched in under five minutes.

“We reached the casualty and had him safely on board the lifeboat four minutes later, where we administered first aid.”

West Kirby lifeboat
West Kirby lifeboat

The man, who crews say “seemed well” was transferred to the care of ambulance crews and the coastguard, helped by staff from the sailing club, and the lifeboat relaunched to assist the owner of the boat.

West Kirby Lifeboat is warning that even though the weather is sunny, the water temperature is only eight celcius, meaning people can quickly become exhausted if they end up in the water.

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