Council appeal over South Parade memorial benches

An earlier design for the flood wall
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Wirral Council is appealing for help tracing the owners of several memorial benches on South Parade in West Kirby.

The seats are being removed ahead of work starting to construct the new flood wall.

Owners have the choice of having it installed in an alternative location, or donating it to a community group for them to place elsewhere.

The memorial plaque will remain on the original bench and will also be replicated word for word on the new flood wall, once it is built.

Officials have managed to contact most owners, but some haven’t yet been tracked down.

They are being asked to email the council at

A Wirral Council spokesperson said: “Any unclaimed benches will be kept in safe storage for a period before being installed elsewhere.

“The memorial plaque will remain and a record kept of its new location, should the owner come forward at a later date.”

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