COLUMN: Pilates – The hottest exercise trend of 2023

love pilates

West Kirby Today is delighted to introduce our new monthly columnist, Pauline Caswell, owner of Love Pilates Wirral. Pauline is a skilled 2nd Generation teacher with a direct lineage to Joseph Pilates. She’s also a qualified teacher of Education in Biology, Psychology, Science & Health. Her practice is about helping people to feel good about movement and the body you live in, whatever your lifestyle, age or ability.

How has the year started for you? Did you witness Dermot and Josie on ITV’s This Morning rolling on the studio floor earlier recently under the news banner… Pilates: “The hottest exercise trend of 2023”? If you did and you knew what the laughing was all about read no further, if you didn’t and motivation (like your New Year’s resolutions) is slipping through your fingers, read on.

Pilates may have taken the best part of 80 years to hit the UK headlines, but some things are worth waiting for. If the last few years of fitness trends are to be noted, Pilates is stepping into the world’s fitness Super Trouper this year. Did someone just say: “same as Yoga isn’t it?” Joseph Pilates rolls in his grave once more.

Year on year, health and fitness are becoming more important to more and more of us. But Joseph Pilates was advocating their importance back in the 1920s. Sadly, his timing was probably just off and for many reasons and his exercise regime “Contrology” didn’t take off as he’d hoped. He died in 1967 with limited global impact, and those who came after him renamed his exercises “Pilates”. Next time someone asks, now you know!

Making lasting changes

We are living longer and therefore feel a need to look after our bodies better. These days we are bombarded with ‘wellness’ advice and the start of each year is often the time when we’re most likely to give something a go. Have you chosen well or are you still relying on motivation and wondering if it will last? If you’ve found something enjoyable, sustainable and gives you a sense of being part of a community, you’ve probably struck gold.

If you are a Pilates teacher reading this, you already know those three factors are part of why Pilates works, but more simply, in the words of award-winning scientist Tim Spector OBE: “pick changes that are going to last for life, not as a quick fix.”

If you need help finding your thing and sticking to it, then here is some powerful help, and if Pilates does turn out to be the hottest trend for you this year it will be for the following reasons. The best news is, you’ll understand the real reason you do or don’t become motivated. You will have spent time researching a few different classes and teachers, you’ll go back to the class you enjoyed the most and it’s highly likely you’ll keep going, because you’re enjoying it.

Your secret weapon

Scientific research now supports the idea that finding an exercise you ENJOY will have a significant impact on the physical outcomes regardless of technique or skill. This is now your secret weapon, because once you’ve found something you enjoy, you’re probably going to want to make that a habit and once you create a habit, you never need to rely on motivation ever again. Win!

Write it down… ENJOYMENT=HABIT=MOTIVATION – whether that’s Pilates, Salsa dancing or Tai Chi.

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