Inflation and cost of living crisis behind the closure of Blind Pig

Blind Pig

The owner of Blind Pig has told West Kirby Today that a combination of the cost of living crisis and changes to the way people socialise following the pandemic were responsible for the decision to close their bars in West Kirby and Heswall.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, and led to many people expressing sadness on our social media pages.

Matt Whitby said he had made the decision “with a heavy heart” but it “become necessary due to a confluence of factors that have had a profound impact on our ability to continue operating in these locations.”

He said:”First and foremost, the escalating cost of living crisis has created unprecedented challenges for both business owners and our valued guests. The rising costs of rent, utilities and supply chain disruptions have made it increasingly difficult for us to maintain the high standards of service and quality that have defined Blind Pig bars over the years. We have always taken pride in offering an exceptional experience, and we do not wish to compromise on that.

“Furthermore, the way people socialise has been evolving since the pandemic and we have witnessed a shift in these habits and tried to adapt our business model around these changes. Many people are now opting for larger, more budget-friendly establishments like Wetherspoons, which offer a different kind of experience. While we respect diversity in choices, this shift in preference has posed additional challenges for smaller, independently owned bars like ours.

“The hospitality industry has also faced incredibly trying times in recent years, from the impact of the pandemic to ongoing staff shortages. These pressures have made it increasingly difficult to sustain our operations, especially in smaller, local markets like Heswall and West Kirby.”

The West Kirby branch opened on Banks Road in 2019 as a sister site to their bar in Heswall.

Matt added: “I want to express my deepest gratitude to our loyal guests and the dedicated staff who have worked with us since Blind Pig was established in 2018. Your support has meant the world to Hannah and I. It has been a pleasure to serve you.”

Blind Pig will continue to operate the bar at Heswall Hall for their live music events, weddings and other functions.