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West Kirby Today’s monthly columnist, Guy Lawrenson, is the proprietor of the hugely popular Seafood Shack on Dee Lane. Guy previously owned the What’s Cooking restaurant chain and earned his seafood stripes during lockdown by working at the renowned Bricklands Fish & Game in Chester and for national wholesaler Big Fish Little Fish, who own Bricklands amongst other fishmongers.

Here are some types of seafood available and in season in the UK and on the counter at the Seafood Shack.

Mussels: A popular choice – our Scottish rope grown mussels from Trondra in Shetland are sweet & succulent – we have a range of sauces to cook with You can enjoy them in various dishes, such as Moules mariniere – served with a locally made sour dough bread & shack butter.

Scallops: Hand dived ex large Scottish Kling scallops – eat them with the roe on – they taste much better – They can be pan-seared or used in various seafood recipes perfectly paired with our Fontana linguini and a Dylan’s Celtic dragon tomato sauce.

Oysters: We sell Colchester rock oysters and Carlingford Irish oysters. The Colchester rock oyster is meaty, firm & creamy. Carlingford oysters have a rich and distinct sweet flavour. We shuck them to eat outside on the terrace – fab with a Charly & Ivy sesame & soy dressing.

Crab: A fantastic choice in the Autumnal months – and there is plenty to choose from…live spider or brown crab, fresh dressed Holderness crab, pasteurised back fin meat, white crab claw flakes and frozen 50/50 mix. The flakes go nicely in salads & sandwiches, the brown meat is good for fish cakes and the fresh dressed you can eat from the shell – yummy!

Lobster: Our tanks in the fish market at Liverpool are where we keep a stock of live native lobsters form Cornwall & Scotland – available to order with 24 hours’ notice. You can buy them live or we poach, crack and dress them too. We have a stock of cooked lobster and raw lobster tails. One of our bestsellers is Lobster mac n cheese which is part of our ready to eat at home frozen range.

Herring: While herring is available throughout the year, it’s not a popular choice fresh here in West Kirby. However, our large, marinated roll mops from Orkney and the small dill and sweet cured herring from North East Scotland fly out!

We fish you a merry Xmas – pre-order your seasonal seafood! Order forms in both Heswall and West Kirby!

Having a Party? Try one of our platters
Bored of Turkey? How about a 3 fish roast
Family Supper? Serve up the ultimate fish pie
Festive appetisers? You need a smoked salmon terrine or fresh dressed crab and probably smoked mackerel pate
Oh and definitely Rock Star cheddar cheese fondue.

Seafood Shack is also at Premier Plants Heswall, Chester High Road CH64 3TH. Open 5 days a week Wed – Sat 9-4pm and Sun 10am – 2 pm with free and easy parking.

Whatever you choose we are here to help you feel good with sea food.