Sisters share tragic story of brother’s drowning in RNLI podcast

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Sisters Megan and Brogan Griffiths have shared the heartbreaking story of losing their younger brother, who was just 23 when he drowned near Hoylake in 2022.

Haydn Griffiths was a sailor, a scuba diver and paddleboarder with water safety knowledge.

Brogan said: “There wasn’t anyone that I know that would’ve been more confident, more prepared around the water…he went swimming, got into difficulty where he felt like he couldn’t swim any further.”

At that point Haydn knew he was in trouble and he asked his friend to swim back to shore to raise the alarm and get help.

Megan said: “The emergency services were dispatched and the response from the RNLI, the Coastguard, the fire service, the police was within minutes. It was unbelievable and they gave Haydn every possible chance of being found alive.”

Volunteer lifeboat crew from the RNLI at Hoylake and New Brighton took part in the search for Haydn.

Given his physicality and experience in and around water, the heartbreaking news about his drowning was all the more unbelievable for his family. Since that day, Haydn’s sisters Megan and Brogan have made it their mission to share vital water safety messages to prevent other families going through the same loss.

“Especially with him being so fit, so strong, so aware of the water it’s still unbelievable that he wasn’t found alive. And if this can happen to Haydn – with that water safety knowledge and that strength and athleticism – and the amazing response from the emergency services, RNLI and local community… if that can happen to Haydn, it really can happen to anybody.”

The RNLI Water Safety Team presenting the sisters with a Letter of Thanks (L-R: Gareth Morrison, Brogan, Haydn’s mum Diane, Brogan’s son Roman and Ross)

Megan and Brogan took part in the RNLI’s Mayday Mile fundraiser in their brother’s memory, as well as sharing his story to help educate others on World Drowning Prevention Day.

Earlier this month, RNLI Head of Water Safety, Gareth Morrison, and Water Safety Public Affairs Manager, Ross MacLeod, presented the sisters with a Letter of Thanks from the Chief Executive for their commitment to drowning prevention.

Ross said: “Haydn’s tragic story shows the sea can be unpredictable, and tragedy can happen to anyone, even those with vast experience.

“Megan and Brogan’s campaigning water safety work has been truly inspiring and we’re so grateful to them for helping share the RNLI’s lifesaving safety advice. The work they are doing will undoubtedly help prevent other families going through the same heartbreaking loss of losing a loved one.

“This winter if you see anyone in difficulty in the water call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. If you get into difficulty yourself, remember Float to Live.”

Hear about Megan and Brogan’s campaigning water safety work and the wish they have as a result of the tragedy in Megan and Brogan Griffiths: Haydn’s Legacy, wherever you get your podcasts or by visiting

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Photo credits: RNLI