COLUMN | We fish you a Merry Christmas!

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West Kirby Today’s monthly columnist, Guy Lawrenson, is the proprietor of the hugely popular Seafood Shack on Dee Lane. Guy previously owned the What’s Cooking restaurant chain and earned his seafood stripes during lockdown by working at the renowned Bricklands Fish & Game in Chester and for national wholesaler Big Fish Little Fish, who own Bricklands amongst other fishmongers.

Getting ready for the festive season can be a little stressful when organising the festive food – so pre-order your seafood. Take the stress away & order fish TODAY!

We have order forms in both Heswall and West Kirby – and the last day for ordering is 18 December.

Having a Party? Try one of our platters.

House &/or Deluxe– packed with a variety of chilled seafood

Friends reunited?

Whole or sides of poached salmon with King Prawns and a luxury seafood sauce

Bored of Turkey – How about a 3 fish roast?

Scottish salmon smoked haddock & cod loin stuffed with spinach & lemon/herb butter.

Family Supper? – Serve up the ultimate fish pie.

Lobster, scallops, crayfish & king prawns in a indulgent cream sauce with an aged cheddar mash & paprika crumb

Festive appetisers? – You need a hand rolled smoked salmon terrine or a fresh dressed crab and probably our soon to be famous smoked mackerel pate

Oh and definitely Snowdonia Rock Star cheddar cheese fondue or a Black bomber rarebit for a Boxing Day treat.

Here are some popular seafood options that you might consider for your Christmas feast:

Lobster: Our tanks in the fish market at Liverpool are where we keep a stock of live native lobster’s form Cornwall & Scotland – you can buy them live or we poach, crack and dress them to sell whole or on our Premium seafood platters

Salmon: Award winning St James smoked salmon, kiln roasted salmon, & sashimi grade fresh salmon.Hand made Salmon terrine, hand crafted salmon en croute or one of our freshly baked salmon quiches – oh and did we mention our smoked mackerel & salmon pate?

Mussels and Clams: These shellfish can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as steamed with crusty bread or with pasta in a vongole or in a seafood paella.

Dover Sole, Brill & Turbo: These premium flat fish are in high demand over Xmas and if you have not tried before – would thoroughly recommend cooking whole for the full experience of these fine fish. Roasted Turbot with some ex-virgin olive oil and lemon is sublime – the King of the Sea!

Scallops: Hand dived extra large Scottish King scallops – eat them with the roe on – they taste much better. They can be pan-seared or used in various seafood recipes perfectly paired with our Fontana linguini and a Dylan’s Celtic dragon tomato sauce. This year they feature within our ultimate fish pie – put that on the Xmas list!

Oysters: We sell Colchester rock oysters and Carlingford Irish oysters. The Colchester rock oyster is meaty, firm & creamy. Carlingford oysters have a rich and distinct sweet flavour. Oysters can be served raw on the half shell with mignonette sauce, baked, or even in a rich oyster stew. Sold by the dozen for a treat this Xmas.

Crab: Fresh Holderness dressed crab – a mix of brown and white crab meat, a great appetiser, a light lunch salad or a simple pasta dinner.

Seafood Shack is also at Premier Plants Heswall, Chester High Road CH64 3TH

Open 4 days a week Wed thru Saturday 9am- 4pm. Sundays in December: 17, 24 and 31 – with free and easy parking.

Whatever you choose we are here to help you feel good with sea food.