Smart bin roll out continues

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The latest smart street bin powered by solar technology has been introduced in West Kirby.

Six of the receptacles were placed on South Parade last summer, and another has been added near the entrance to the Wirral Way.

They use solar power to not only compact the waste but to alert the council when they need to be emptied.

Biffa, the council’s waste contractor, can then prioritise the emptying of the bins based on which ones are full.

The BriteBin is made by PEL Waste Reduction who said: “BriteBin is not your typical waste receptacle. These bins are equipped with cutting-edge technology, combining solar power with smart sensors and compacting mechanisms to revolutionize traditional waste collection methods.

“The solar panels atop each bin harness the power of the sun to operate the bin’s compaction system, reducing the frequency of collections and lowering overall operational costs.”

Cllr Liz Grey, Chair of the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee, said when the first bins were introduced: “The real benefit of these bins is that they can hold more waste, approximately five times more than a usual bin, as they are able to compact the litter.

“The enclosed design also means there is no risk of the litter blowing out of the bin and back into the surrounding area.”