COLUMN | New Year, Different You

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Pauline Caswell is the owner of Love Pilates Wirral. Pauline is a skilled 2nd Generation teacher with a direct lineage to Joseph Pilates. She’s also a qualified teacher of Education in Biology, Psychology, Science & Health. Her practice is about helping people to feel good about movement and the body you live in, whatever your lifestyle, age or ability.

Has ‘All-Year-Round’ Wellness trumped the ‘New Year, New You’ trend?

It’s the time of year that usually has everyone queuing at the doors of gyms and fitness classes, but this year feels different. Perhaps you have noticed there isn’t the usual surge of newbies at your usual Pilates class? Are more people sitting tight and prioritising other things? I have been wondering if this is bad news or has a year-round focus on health and wellness levelled the ‘new year, new you’ playing field?

Two years ago I had an insight into some growing health and wellbeing trends as part of a Global Wellness Institute Masterclass. A zoom call of over 900 people from over 90 countries tuned in and the message was clear: that the global wellness industry was set for a rapid increase in 2023. Suffice to say, 2023 was my busiest year yet – such good news.

Positive Trends

How about you? Was 2023 the year you started thinking more about your health; thinking about how to put more movement into your week; taking up a mindful activity; or cutting out ultra processed foods more often? I don’t know if it’s the stress of watching the world have a crazy few years or that research and education is more easily available to everyone, but whatever it is, I have seen a positive trend in this direction, and this is progress. I have every belief that each year, more and more of us will choose to have more healthy lifestyles across the year and make better choices.

The good news is that if taking up Pilates is not a new year fad, you’re more likely to come to it when you are ready, which means you are more likely to stick at it too. Believe it or not, there are national UK guidelines for how much Pilates to do every week – a minimum of two sessions. Of course I have replaced “resistance training” for “Pilates” in those guidelines, but it helps emphasise my point that whatever you choose, you’re laying down foundations for improving your health. That’s guarding against illness in the future, helping you to recover faster should you fall ill and keeping your mental health on an even keel no matter what life throws at you.

Pilates Retreat

And, if you are already making the effort with your own health on a regular basis, or you intend to start soon, make sure you plan your rewards too. All that hard work deserves it.

In June this year, treat yourself to a relaxing weekend away from it all with a complete escape in the heart of beautiful Wales at the Love Pilates Retreat. You can join in the activities as much or as little as you wish; rest as much as you like; take part in some mindful Pilates in a wildflower meadow; take beautiful walks in the forest; swim in clear waters; and gaze at the stars beside a roaring campfire in the great outdoors.

Go now to to check out all the details of our retreat and our weekly Pilates classes.