Former Hoylake lifeboat washes up for sale in Essex

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It saved dozens of people from drowning over 16 years, but now it has emerged a former Hoylake lifeboat ended up submerged itself.

The 37 foot long Mary Gabriel patrolled the Wirral coastline from 1974 until 1990, before being transferred to Rhyl until 1992.

During its service, it is reported she launched 99 times and saved 44 lives.

From 2001 – 2016 she was on display at Chatham Historic Dockyard, before being sold privately.

Now the vessel has surfaced on Wallsea Island in Essex, and is listed for sale on a boating website for £4,950.

The interior of the former lifeboat

A description accompanying the advertisement states: “This is a 1974 Rother lifeboat, she was on service in Hoylake from 1974-1990, then Rhyl from 1990-1992.

“This vessel was submerged, not from hull damage but via the moonpool [an opening at the base of the hull which gives access to the water below].

“It has got 2 X Diesel engines. Twin Ford Thornycroft 250 50hp engines, Approx speeds when used cruised at 7kts and burns approx 2.5g an hour, with a top speed of around 8.5kts. They are not seized and have been first aided. They will run with some maintenance. All electronics are considered in need of replacement.”

Photos: Boats and Outboards website