St Bridget’s pupils launch campaign to encourage people to pick up their dog’s poop

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Children at St Bridget’s C of E primary school in West Kirby have designed posters which are being displayed around the Marine Lake to encourage dog owners to pick up their animal’s poop.

The eye-catching winning entries are on display over the Easter holidays and include hand drawn pictures as well as use of technology with one linking to an informative home-made YouTube video.

There are free poo bags located in home-made recycled dispensers along the railings of the promenade which were stuffed by the children at St Bridget’s Pre-school. Visitors to West Kirby are encouraged to help themselves if they need a bag.

The campaign is the idea of sisters Alba (6) and Bobbi (4) Lightburn who are fed up of seeing dog poo left on the streets:.

Alba said: “I don’t want to scoot as much anymore in case I get dog poo on my scooter or shoes again. I hope people will look at the posters if they are colourful and funny.”

Bobbi added: “If you can smell it then you can see it so people should just pick it up. It’s disgusting!”

Some of the posters that have been designed by St Bridget’s pupils

The Deputy Head at St Bridget’s primary school, Ryan Neal, said: “All of the children have had an opinion on this matter and feel very strongly that there is no excuse but to pick it up and bin it.

“The effort the children have put into designing their posters has been tremendous and we have lots of spare entries which we will make sure will not go to waste!”.

Wirral Watersports Centre is also encouraging people to make use of the bins dotted along the promenade.