South Parade flooding probe getting under way this week

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An investigation is getting under way this week into the flooding on South Parade in West Kirby.

Councillor Liz Grey, chair of the environment, climate emergency and transport committee, informed members at a meeting on Monday night, following a question from Liberal Democrat councillor, Allan Brame.

The council faced a storm of criticism last Tuesday when water coming over the £20 million wall flooded the road, leading to the temporary closure of Tanskey’s bistro, which has now reopened.

The local authority has already insisted the scheme did its job by taking the energy out of the waves which battered the coastline, preventing the scale of damage seen in 2013.

Waves battering the flood wall last week

Cllr Grey remarked that the scheme is a “flood alleviation” rather than prevention scheme, adding: “The highway gulleys appeared to work effectively once the tide dropped [and] the draining of the overtop water was accelerated when the sliding gates were opened with the area clear of water within two hours after high tide.

“However, there was some standing water due to some gullies being blocked due to the amount of sand washing over, but these were cleaned approximately three hours after high tide.”

She went on: “Following the storm event on 9 April, the council will conduct a full review of the storm dimensions and the performance of the sea defence system. the review will be undertaken jointly with the environment agency and the review starts this week.”