COLUMN | Independent Financial Advice from Parker Kelly Financial Services

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Over the next few months, the team at Parker Kelly Financial Services will be providing guidance on financial topics to West Kirby Today readers. They are a family owed business that provides Independent Financial Advice. With locally based advisers who have access to a diverse array of market offerings, they can tailor their services to meet clients’ specific needs and goals.

As part of our partnership with West Kirby Today, we are happy to answer questions you may have and cover topics you are keen to know more about.

Andy Griffin and Emma Hughes, who are both from the local area, are based in the office in the Old Bakery on Sandy Lane and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

A Financial Adviser can help people plan for retirement, achieve property goals, safeguard their family’s future, seek support for their business, or exploring investment opportunities. It’s important to check if a Financial Advice is independent or restricted.

Independent and restricted advisers provide advice to individuals and businesses. However, the similarities end when it comes to the access they have to products and providers.

• Independent advisers like ourselves can recommend financial products spanning the whole of the market. This means our advice is unbiased and unrestricted.

• Restricted advisers can only recommend products from certain providers. In some cases, they will recommend products from a single company, usually the firm they are tied to or work for.

Money Helper have a handy article that providers guidance on finding a Financial Adviser

At Parker Kelly, we offer a comprehensive range of services:

  • Thoughtful Investment Advice: Andy Griffin works closely with clients to develop personalised investment strategies tailored to their unique financial objectives and risk tolerance.

  • Mortgage Management and Asset Protection Strategies: From navigating the complexities of mortgage management to implementing effective asset protection strategies, Emma Hughes and our mortgage team are there to help clients safeguard their financial interests.

  • Personalised Retirement Planning: Planning for retirement is a journey that requires careful consideration and proactive planning. Parker Kelly Financial Services helps clients navigate the path towards a secure and fulfilling retirement.

  • Comprehensive Estate Planning: Clients can ensure their legacy is preserved and their loved ones are taken care of with comprehensive estate planning services. Our experts help clients navigate the intricacies of estate planning to achieve their desired outcomes.

  • Expert Financial Services for Businesses: Whether clients are small business owners or corporate entities, we offer a range of financial services designed to support their business goals and drive growth.

As part of our commitment to supporting the local community, Parker Kelly Financial Services is pleased to offer new clients a complimentary financial review. This personalised consultation provides clients with valuable insights into their current financial situation and helps them identify opportunities for growth and optimisation.

Our next article will be on pensions and written by Andy Griffin. If you have any questions about pensions, please email and we will provide a response in our next column in June.