COLUMN | Bamboo Thai midweek curry night launches at the White Lion

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Bamboo Thai is owned and operated by Wirral couple, Dave Otter and Pam Anuniwat who have been bringing their unique twist on the authentic taste of Thailand to customers at the White Lion on Grange Road for three years. In 2021 they opened Bamboo Thai restaurant on Hoylake Road in Moreton serving delicious, fresh street food. This is the first of their regular monthly columns.

The best pub on the Wirral just became better

National Curry Week is celebrated every year in October and maybe we should have waited to introduce our new curry and a pint promotion in partnership with the White Lion. But after a miserable cold January when some have made it even more challenging by bypassing the booze or brawn (or both) for a month, we’ve decided to turn up the temperature with Bamboo Thai’s most popular dishes.

This doesn’t mean an abandonment to a healthy start to 2024, because our traditional Thai food is high in protein, low in fat, made with nutritious vegetables, meats and seafood, served with rice or noodles and seasoned with flavoursome herbs and spices, like galangal (Thai ginger), Thai holy basil, and lemongrass.

Health benefits

The under-rated stars of our steaming hot bowls are the dozens of health-boosting herbs and spices that give Thai curries their intense, diverse flavour. Galangal, for example, has been found to help reduce bodily inflammation and evidence suggests it helps fight several forms of cancer. Meanwhile research shows that Thai holy basil can aid stress management and protect against high blood sugar levels; and lemongrass may help protect against stomach ulcers and decrease high blood cholesterol levels, a risk factor for heart disease. So, just maybe, you can eat yourself healthy!

A Vegan February?

Regardless of any health benefits, let’s face it, Thai curries are just special. They taste fresh and clean and since we opened, they are the most popular of all our dishes. There’s one to suit every taste or eating habit and are easily customised according to how much heat you enjoy. If you intend to continue Veganuary into February, we have that covered too. Our menu reflects our love for vegan and vegetarian food and we are proud to say offer more of these options than any other Thai restaurant in the North West, and possibly the UK.

Drink + Food = Smile

Thailand is often referred to as ‘The Land of Smiles’ and we believe, quite simply, that a curry and a drink combo from £10 will bring a smile to faces. It’s a combination that’s good for your soul. That famous Thai grin is also guaranteed if you try to speak some of our language, so we thought we’d give you a couple of choice phrases to practise for when we meet.

Thai        Pronounced       English meaning

สวัสดี      Sawasdee           Hello (also means goodbye!)

โชคดี       Chok Dee          Good Luck (our version of ‘cheers’ when enjoying a drink with friends)

A curry can be enjoyed on any night of the week, of course, but we’ve chosen Wednesdays as the perfect midweek stepping stone to warm up this winter with family and friends. So, make it a weekly date at this greatest of Wirral pubs, and bring a smile on your way to the weekend.

The Curry and a Pint Night starts on Wednesday, January 31stth from 5 – 9pm and every following Wednesday.

The regular menu is available on Thursdays & Fridays 5 – 9pm; Saturday 3 – 7pm; and Sunday 1 – 7pm. Bamboo Thai restaurant, 272 Hoylake Road, Moreton is open Tuesday to Sunday from 5-10pm. Takeaway and delivery also available.

Chok Dee!