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18 hours ago
West Kirby Today

We'll be tuning in tonight. ... See MoreSee Less

Well be tuning in tonight.

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Thank you guys for making W/K so festive, it is truly appreciated, it was lovely last year🎄🎄🎄

4 days ago
West Kirby Today

Sign outside @morrisons petrol station in West Kirby this morning ... See MoreSee Less

Sign outside @morrisons petrol station in West Kirby this morning

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Well done to everyone who bought more fuel than they needed even though there is no fuel shortage. YOU have created this Bet you've still got toilet rolls left over from last March as well

Can there be any excuse for the moronic panic buying by a certain sector of the general public. If there was no shortage before they are certainly well on their way to creating one. People react in extremes to sensationalism which goes under the disguise of media “news”. Pathetic.

Not everyone who had to queue yesterday was panic buying. Some of us actually needed petrol

The media have a lot to answer for over this last 18 month (ish). They have at times certainly made things worse for their own benefit/agenda😡

Absolutely bonkers. No need for this. Just get what you need when you need it. Essentially selfish.

And the Media said ‘there will be no fuel’ and it was so 🙈 How to create a self fulfilling prophecy! Stop being media puppets!

My lad got back from work on his scooter this morning and said only Sainsbury’s at Upton had fuel. Asda, Shell, Texaco, BP around CH48/49 area all closed for fuel. There isn’t a shortage of fuel, but thanks to one comment about HGV drivers in the media, we have this panic buying. I honestly despair at the human race sometimes.

There isn't even a shortage. Media has a lot to answer for.

Kind of loving the fact I just bought an electric vehicle….. 🌎 ❤️ If this petrol ‘crisis’ can cause anything, let it be a lesson that you don’t actually need fuel to travel anymore 🙂

BBC. Sky. ITV etc have caused this by bigging up the fact there were 5 garages in Somerset that had to close because of a lack of deliveries. In the Wirral we are 8 miles from the biggest fuel storage facility in the UK and the idiots are panic buying. Thank you MSM

I was going to go visit a friend today, but don't have enough petrol to get there and back...can't even put 20 quid in. Why didn't the petrol station put a limit on how much people can buy?

The news was put out there in good time that only 2percent of garages had issues but people are just sheep and don't care about emergency services.....just themselves.

How do you think the media found out about this? If it was just a few BP garages it would have been kept quiet 🤫 the government control the media and now they have the perfect excuse to tax petrol more and to get hgv drivers back over from Europe without strict visa rules 🙈🙄

One less garage for ambulances to fill up from. Great work panic buyers!

Just think here I am delivering your wine to a sainsbury's RDC ....if I can't get fuel you lot will be really crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dont tell everyone they'll panick buy all the other garages too! 😂😂 just wait til they get petrol delivered, should be soon. Lol as there are no shortages.

Just driven to Blackpool and passed 5 petrol stations, with petrol and only a few people queuing. What does that tell us about people on the Wirral🤔

Any panic buyer out there who would like the contents of my petrol tank (about 12gallons) for free? There is just a transfer charge of £10/gallon. No receipt will be issued and no returns are accepted. Might even throw in a box of tissues, some paper towels, and the El Dorado of panic buyers 5 ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER.🤣🤣😂😂

Congratulations DHs you not only panicked when there was no need. But fuel prices have gone up because of your selfish actions. 🖕

When these idiots are in need of blue light services and none are available due to no fuel , what will they do then. OMG..the deliveroo/just eat drivers won't be able to deliver their maccies to them.😱😱

Have they sold out of popcorn as well?

I hope I don’t live next door to these people who are filling all these extra cans with highly flammable liquid. Also why can people just chill over minor situations like this which are not a real problem ? For example if everyone panicked and wanted their personal money from the banks at the same time there would be a complete collapse of the system.

If you’ve, “topped up just in case” you are the problem!

My tank is nearly empty but can’t be bothered with queues is Sainsbury’s Upton still bad?

Hate post. Put up a picture that creates hateful, nasty and judgemental comments. So many, so quick to jump on the hateful bandwagon. Isn't this against your own rules?

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4 days ago
West Kirby Today

Morrison’s in West Kirby has put staff on the forecourt to marshal queues at the petrol station.

There have been tailbacks at filling stations across the area, despite the government urging people not to panic buy and to just top up their tanks as normal.
... See MoreSee Less

Morrison’s in West Kirby has put staff on the forecourt to marshal queues at the petrol station. 

There have been tailbacks at filling stations across the area, despite the government urging people not to panic buy and to just top up their tanks as normal.

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Considering announcing a wine shortage… 😬😅

Media are to blame. One mention of fuel shortages and look what happens!

Morrisons have said they've no shortages! They have their own lorry's, and there's no need for this panic buying whatsoever! Some people are ridiculous!!!!

I think they shouldn't allow anyone to fill up if they haven't got less than a 1/4 of a tank, bonkers!

I'm embarrassed to be British! Honestly!

These people need to get a life it’s awful no fuel shortages at all

Morons believing the media rubbish. They must be having a right laugh watching folk spend so much on fuel whilst they rub their hands!

How pathetic so once the half wits put 2 litres in the tank do they go home and put the gas central heating on full blast oh I forgot we have no gas 😂

No fuel at Morrisons West Kirby

Supply and demand because these DHs our panic buying the price of fuel is going up.

It's not that thou is it kev ther short of drivers to deliver it to the petrol stations that's wot...its all..a out! If am right..xx

Why is there a fuel shortage in UK

I was there at 18.45 and they had run out of diesel

That's why no staff on the tills In the store.

Morrison’s fuel station is today (Saturday) cordoned off with nothing left in their underground tanks. How do you think that happened?

The media should be held responsible for this....

It's ridiculous there is no fuel shortage

This is ridiculous!! I've seen people on red having to drive to garages ?,!!

Well done #morons Push the price of petrol up even more by panic buying!!!

Britain. Britain. Britain. #iwantthatone

Idiot people panic buying again. THEY cause shortages and they have also pushed the prices up at many petrol stations. 👏👏👏

You might as well talk to a brick , as that has more sense than what these idiots are doing at the moment !!!!!!

It's so stupid you have to que up for an hour just to drive past even if your not getting fuel like a Muppet

Selfish idiots people filling up when they still have half a tank, let’s hope there’s never a food shortage ,people will be killing each other over a pint of milk, 🤷🏻‍♂️

Another media outlet spreading panic. Stop posting this and maybe people will stop panic buying. You really don't get it do you?

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Sign outside @morrisons petrol station in West Kirby this morning ...

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